Our Approach

Our Approach

Proper Checks & Balances

  • Everyone must be aware on Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness to adopt and use of digital medium and technologies in the right way.
  • Creating a database of best practices in the areas of Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness.
  • Proper grievance redressal system by social media platform providers & government organisations.
  • Special Provisions in Information Technology Act for Protection of Women and Child.
  • Establish Digital Wellbeing Councils for better Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness to evoke responsible online behavioural patterns.
  • Include digital wellbeing, Internet Ethics and Media Literacy in Nation Skill Development Programs.
  • Include digital wellbeing, Internet Ethics and Media Literacy in University Credit Courses.
  • Digital wellbeing, Internet Ethics and Media Literacy downloadable kits accessible to all.
  • Research on New Trends of Social Engineering Crimes / Modus Operandi on Women & Children.
  • Proper Grievance Redressal System / agreements and it exit policies of social media and its vendors to safe guard IP rights of the original content creators.


  • Create cultural awakening
  • Engage people


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