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We welcome presenters/speakers who will surprise, amaze, inform, and inspire audience for events organised by ENF or its partners. We’re looking for storytellers and speakers who can make constructive suggestions for topics that will inspire humanity in Digital space. Do you know someone or if you are with immaculate ideas & stories that will awe, teach, inspire, urge action, inform, transform or help society! Fill in the form below…

Awards Nomination Form
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FAQ's for Speakers
Speaking at End Now Foundation
  • If you know a phenomenal speaker whom End Now Foundation members can learn from, we want to hear from you! Please use our speaker nomination form to suggest a speaker for an upcoming Five Series Events
FAQ: Being a End Now Foundation Speaker
  • End Now Foundation has high expectations of its speakers. The End Now Foundation leadership team will work closely with invited speakers in advance of the event to help shape the speaker’s presentation and tailor content to End Now Foundation talks/events.
How do I nominate a speaker?
  • Use the End Now Foundation speaker nomination form and share as much information as possible. Data you share will be shared with in End Now Foundation leadership team.
Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally?
  • If you can provide that person’s contact information, please suggest! Don’t forget to let us know how you heard about this person, and why you think they’d be a good speaker for End Now Foundation.
Can I suggest someone I work for, work with, or one of my clients?
  • Yes.
Can I suggest myself as a speaker?
  • Yes.
Can I speak for End Now Foundation by becoming a sponsor?
  • No– while sponsoring End Now Foundation has many benefits, a guaranteed speaking slot is not among them.
Will multiple nominations or submissions increase my chances of being selected as a speaker?
  • No– one nomination or submission will suffice.
Is there a deadline for nominating a speaker?
  • Not at all. We accept nominations on a rolling basis. That said, it’s best to get your nominations in as early as possible to account for the time it will take for End Now Foundation to research potential speakers and plan our roster of speakers for the coming year.
Speaking Time at End Now Foundation Events?
  • The speaking time we allot for speakers varies depending on the Topic. We ask that speakers tailor their talk to the time given, as End Now Foundation strictly enforces these time frames. We can discuss more upon a formal invitation to speak.
How much do you pay speakers?
  • End Now Foundation does not pay its speakers any remuneration but would not step back if there are sponsors who can propose to pay Honorarium.
Event Duration?
  • Five Series Event – One Event a Month - Scheduled to be Saturdays for full day event having 02 Speakers and 02 Panel Discussions

Before submitting your nomination, please review how End Now Foundation processes the personal information you provide to us:

  1. We will evaluate your nomination and will share this information with staff members and third parties (Advisory Board) selected to review speaker nominations.
  2. There is no deadline for nominating a speaker. If you've submitted a nomination, it will stay in our database to be considered for future events/conferences/talks.
  3. Due to volume, we are not able to respond personally to each suggestion, but someone from End Now Foundation will be in touch if needed.
  4. Your information will be processed in accordance with End Now Foundation Privacy Policy.
  5. Please reach out to if you have any concerns with End Now Foundation managing your data.
  6. If someone is invited as a speaker, End Now Foundation and the speaker will coordinate a mutually agreeable date/time for a speaking engagement
  7. An invitation to speak does not guarantee that a speaking engagement will happen immediately
  8. Please note that all the attendees who will join us for events/conferences/talks are invited and not open for common public.
  9. Submitted nominations and follow-up meetings are not confirmations that someone will be invited to speak unless and otherwise you receive a confirmation mail from End Now Foundation.

 By checking this box, I consent and agree to End Now Foundation processing my information as defined above.