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Public Policy

Policy Development Approach
End Now Foundation is a registered non-profit since 2017, exclusively promoting internet ethics and digital wellbeing, with the sole purpose of
  • Maximising technology benefits
  • Minimising negativity and risks around it
In this context, the End Now Foundation advocates for policies that enhance security, safety and privacy that benefit the digital wellbeing of an Individual.
End Now Foundation is not a policy-making body. We advocate for public policy outcomes that support a “better Internet Ethics and Digital Wellbeing” of an Individual.
Our chosen topics that are in priority right now are
  • Privacy Breaches
  • Grievance Redressal
  • Cyber Laws
  • Surveillance
  • Cyber Policing
  • Digital Wellbeing Education
  • Fostering infrastructure on Ethics and Wellbeing on Digital Platforms
Our Approach
  • Talking to all stake holders with in End Now Foundation on a particular issue.
  • Exchanging Ideas and thoughts with like-minded civil and academic organisations.
  • Circulating the ideas in the form of Toolkits, Papers & Presentations to all stake holders.
  • Communicate and Present the view point to relevant organisations who are in the Policy decision making processes.
Contacts Us
For more information about our public policy approach, please contact us to the below e-mail.