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SociaWood Summit


With the rise of social media influencers encountering challenges from platforms like the Mahadev Betting App and the recent restrictions imposed on Finance Social Media Influencers, we have devised an exciting initiative: the two-day Social Media Influencer Summit.

This event will convene more than 2000 prominent social media influencers, alongside esteemed participants such as radio jockeys, film celebrities, and representatives from major social media, hi-tech and cyber security companies. Participation for this summit is free of cost and by invitation only with a unique objective  – “Unleash the power of Positive influence to create a better digital world”.

This summit promises an array of enriching activities and features for attendees. It opens doors to valuable networking opportunities through its ‘Industry Connect‘ sessions, enabling participants to engage with like-minded individuals and industry experts.

A few chosen fireside chats were : (a) Monetisation (b) What if you channel is hacked? (c) Better Branding and Engagement (d) Understanding Algorithms (e) Online Expressions (f) Digital Media Ethics Code and Consumer Forum Influencer Guidelines.

Influencers Joined us in this exciting celebration for those individuals who has used the platforms to make a meaningful difference in other

Video Highlights for SociaWood 2023 –

Photo Highlights for  SociaWood 2023 – 

SociaWood 2024 (Website) 


(a) Influencer Awards. 

(b) Corporate Stalls. 

(c) Fireside Chats. 

(d) Inspiring Success Stories  and the summit is planned for One Day.  

Objective of SOCIAWOOD

(a) Aims to Empower and Unite Social Media Influencers.

(b) Connect Social Media Influencer with Collaborator and Corporate Communities.

(c) Provide Support in the Domains of , Digital – Safety Ethics and Wellbeing.

(d) Conclude with the Creation of the Hyderabad Declaration to be Submitted to Indian Statutory and Compliance Authorities