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FACT or Fiction Series Summits


Fact or Fiction Series, each topic is presented in a provocative manner, likely intended to spark discussion or to promote awareness of these issues, with a particular focus on internet ethics and digital wellbeing.

Each subject is approached provocatively to encourage critical thinking and dialogue.

  1. Digital Media (OTT) Accelerated Movie Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

    • This segment examines whether the advent of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms has significantly contributed to an increase in movie addiction among viewers.
  2. Challenges of Parenting in the Digital Era: Fact or Fiction?

    • This discussion explores the complexities and hurdles faced by parents in navigating the digital landscape alongside raising their children.
  3. The Growing Necessity for Digital Wellbeing: Fact or Fiction?

    • Here, we assess the emerging need for practices and principles that promote a healthier interaction with digital technologies.
  4. Looking through Digital Lenses: Fact or Fiction?

    • This topic investigates the impact of digital media on our perception of reality and whether it skews our view of the world around us.
  5. Journalism in the Digital Age is Tough: Fact or Fiction?

    • This segment considers the challenges journalists face in the current digital landscape, from information overload to the fast pace of news dissemination.
  6. Digital Addiction as a Personal Choice: Fact or Fiction?

    • This discussion invites reflection on the extent to which individuals have control over their digital consumption and the notion of addiction being a matter of choice.
  7. The Influence of Online Shopping on Consumer Behavior in India: Problematic or Not? Fact or Fiction?

    • This topic evaluates the ways in which online shopping is altering consumer habits in India and whether these changes are beneficial or problematic.

Each episode of this series aims to dissect these contentious issues, providing insights into the multifaceted nature of digital interactions and their implications on our lives.

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