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Cyber Rakshak

  • The One Who Advocates for Digital Safety.
  • (Ideally an Existing Ambassadors of Colleges / Schools who are trained / mentored by End Now team and Industry Experts)
We’re bringing awareness to places where people want and need it most; where it can spur innovation and inspire individuals and organisations to conceive and implement innovative solutions. Whatever initiatives we do, we follow holistic pedagogical methodologies, creating learning environments that encourage creative thinking, shared knowledge exchanges and collaboration opportunities. That approach empowers learners to take the lessons learned back to their organisations and societies, and impact their world for the better.
Cyber Rakshak Program Objective:
  • Advocacy on Digital Safety
  • Accessible Information to All
  • Reduce Victims of Cyber Crime
  • De Addiction Support
Contributions by Cyber Rakshak:
  • Total 30 Cyber Rakshaks for State
  • Min of (04) Sessions in An Academic Year Per Cyber Rakshak
  • Taking Random Feedback / Surveys
  • Reporting Individual Concerns to Cyber Crime Team
  • Act as Digital Wellbeing Guide’s
  • Mentoring New Cyber Rakshak
  • Note: All Talks Will Be Mandatorily Along with Any One Member From (Police And Psychiatrist / Cyber Safety Experts / Cyber Lawyers of End Now Foundation)
Topics Covered by Cyber Rakshak:
  • Cyberbullying
  • Addiction
  • Monitoring & Controlling Social Media
  • Fake News
  • Statistics
  • Digital Detox
  • Social Engineering Crimes
  • Privacy Controls
  • Digital Health
  • Digital Parenting
  • Online Reputation
  • Cyber Laws
  • Digital Safety Tips
  • Digital Wellbeing
Benefits of Cyber Rakshak:
  • Networking / Society Connect
  • Supporting Social Cause
  • Certificate of Internship
  • Cyber Rakshak Medal
  • Coverage on Social Media as Ambassadors
  • Awards and Felicitations
  • Freebies by Corporates
  • Other Value Adds
  • Short Films
  • Laws & Rights
  • Submitting Petitions
  • Professional Mentor
Value Addition to Attendees:
  • Creative Presentation
  • Creative Visuals
  • Creative Practices
  • Creative Competitions
Teams Involved:
  • Advocacy on Digital Safety in Association with She Teams (Telangana Police), Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge – TASK (Min of IT) and CSR Division of Corporates.
    • End Now Foundation: Content, Visuals, Training, Selection & Implementation of Cyber Rakshak Program
    • Women Safety (She Team – Telangana Police): Women (Teen & Adolescent) Reach Partner, Cyber Crime Support
    • Task (Min of IT): College Reach Partner & Cyber Rakshak Selection Support
    • DSCI & Cyber Security CoE – Corporate Reach