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Smartphone addiction quiz


Smartphone Addiction Quiz

We're all probably a little guilty of being addicted to our phones these days, but how do you know if your cell phone use has become a problem? Take our smartphone addiction quiz and try to do a digital detox once in a while to reconnect with real-time social interactions.

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Which of the following apps do you use?

(You can choose more than one option here.)

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How many Facebook friends do you have?

3 / 11

Do you check your phone before going to sleep?

4 / 11

Do you unlock your phone for no reason, just out of habit?

5 / 11

Do you check your phone as soon as you get a notification?

6 / 11

If you wanted to talk to a friend would you first:

(You can choose more than one option here.)

7 / 11

What messaging apps do you use?

(You can choose more than one option here.)

8 / 11

Do you get worried if your phone is not with you?

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Your score is

Disclaimer: It should be noted that no medical or psychiatric diagnosis can be made solely by a survey alone and this survey is intended for educational and informational purposes only. If you score is on the higher side it would be reasonable to examine whether your use or over-use is creating any problems in phone addiction. If you are concerned about your Smartphone use, you may wish to consult with a mental health/addiction professional with expertise in Internet and Technology Addiction (Process/Behavioral Addictions).

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