Cyber Guard


It’s a network of Intellectual teams of  Academicians,  Bureaucrats, Cyber Lawyers, Cyber Police, Psychiatrists, Cyber Safety, and Public Policy Enthusiasts with an Interest in Internet Ethics ad Digital Wellbeing.

  • Develop Technologies i.e. iOS and Android Mobile Applications.
  • Research on all types of Social Engineering Crimes happening on Social Media Platforms.
  • Develop Digital Wellbeing content for Schools, Colleges, and Corporates.
  • Apps on Social Profiling and Predictive Behaviors (OSINT Tools)
  • Downloadable Digital Wellbeing Kits
  • Research and Content Development – Visuals,  Women & Child Safety Book, Smart Phone Addiction Therapy & Smart Phone Addiction Standard Clinical Scale.
  • Operational Toll Free Support Number by Dec 2021
Digital Wellbeing Credit Courses Reference – Published Books
Done by Intellectual Teams both External and Internal who are Experts in Internet Ethics and Digital Wellbeing.