Digital Wellbeing Council

Digital Wellbeing Council
Purpose Digital Wellbeing Council:
  • As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from the things that matter most to us.
    • Implement Digital Wellbeing Council to provide information on better Digital Etiquettes.
    • Offering Single and Double Credit Course on Digital Wellbeing in all Autonomous Colleges and Universities.
Objectives Digital Wellbeing Council:
  • Monitor Digital Etiquettes within the organization through the Digital Wellbeing Council
  • Provide employees with training and certification regarding company policies & philosophy on Digital Wellbeing
  • Develop and implement clear and comprehensive Digital Wellbeing policies & procedures with the help of a Retd Judge / Digital Safety NGO / Cyber Police
  • Make sure all students and employees are aware of the current laws, regulations and policies pertaining to Digital Safety & Digital Wellbeing
  • Encourage and promote a discrimination & harassment-free culture through in-house Nominated Ambassadors / Counselors
  • Consider making the employee’s / students’ performance along these lines part of their annual performance reviews
  • Ensure that policies are enforced impartially and visibly & that employees / students are aware of enforcement actions within the appropriate boundaries of employee / student privacy
Benefits of Digital Wellbeing Council:
  • Enhance your Organizations Digital Wellbeing as a Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Personalized Acrylic Design / Digital Certificate for use on your School, College & Organisation Website and Assets / Materials
  • Regular Activities throughout the Year: Expert Broadcasts, Awareness Videos & Educational Events,
  • Access to Year-Round Educational Materials of Digital Wellbeing: Social Media, Digital Hygiene, Cyber Safety, Netiquette & Digital Footprint.
  • Partnering Schools, Institutions & Corporates benefit from access to downloadable materials for ages ranging from 5 years through to adults.
  • Free Membership and Official End Now Branding on all Digital Safety Materials used at your premises
  • Work together to share ideas and solutions – For Good Digital Hygiene and Good Cyber Morale
  • Opportunity to Publicly demonstrate your commitment to this fast growing, devastating problem as a Volunteer, Speaker, Digital Safety Advocates & Patrons on behalf your firm with End Now Foundation
Teams Involved:
  • Advocacy on Digital Safety in Association College (Staff & Students)
    • Counsellor (A Staff Member)
    • Students Ambassadors (Cyber Rakshaks)