Cyber Suraksha

Objective :
  • Proving Advocacy on Digital Safety for better Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness to evoke responsible online behavioural patterns amongst “women / children / teens / adolescents”.
  • Note: Done by End Now Foundation Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness Experts
Topics Covered Under Cyber Suraksha :
  • Uncovering Fake News
  • Is Privacy a Myth?
  • Consent & Data Why is it Different Online?
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Parenting
  • Digital Addiction
  • Cyber Crime Against Women and Children
  • Managing Negative Comments Online
  • Impact of Digital Technology on Humans
  • Social Engineering Crimes
  • Managing Social Media
Teams Involved :
  • End Now Foundation : Content, Visuals, Training, Selection & Implementation of Cyber Suraksha Program
  • By Digital Wellness Experts of End Now Foundation
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