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End Now Foundation is India’s first non-profit organization, Advocating for Better Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness to Evoke Responsible Online Behavioural Patterns amongst “Women,Teens and Children”.

We collaborate with a goal of Advocacy on Digital Safety. To achieve this goal, we develop and deliver high-quality digital and media literacy resources that create awareness and educate people. We provide leadership in advancing digital and media literacy in educational institutions and corporate sector, among other diverse sections of the societies with a special focus on safe guarding women and children from all digital offences.

It’s a social project aimed at educating young children and teens to engage with internet in a secure manner. We all have noticed teens/ children are increasingly engaged at a younger age on an increasing number of devices, platforms and applications. But these children are not been sufficiently informed / taught / mentored / coached how to do so in a safe and secure manner.

We’re bringing awareness to places where people want and need it most; where it can spur innovation and inspire individuals and organisations to conceive and implement innovative solutions. Whatever initiatives we do, we follow holistic pedagogical methodologies, creating learning environments that encourage creative thinking, shared knowledge exchanges and collaboration opportunities. That approach empowers learners to take the lessons learned back to their organisations and societies, and impact their world for the better.Recognition


The Team

The Team

Our team consists of a handful of people who have come together from different walks of life and who chose to walk the same path towards a common goal. Our Trust is adorned by Retired Justice Sri. Vangala Eswaraiah, Retired Inspector General of Police Sri. Kasinath Bathina I.P.S, Sr. Medical Doctor Dr. Vijay Bhasker Bolgam, Sr. Technocrats, Charted Accountants and other Corporate Company Employees with CSR backgrounds.

We have many technology and behavioural Experts to echo our mighty strength names Mr. U. Ram Mohan RaoMr. Bhanu Murthy YachareniBrigadier. C S Sree RamuluMr. Likith Goud Hanumandlakhadi, Ms. P.Lakshmi Sailaja, Mr. Sudheer Sivaparuam, Mr. Sridhar Kavuri, Ms. Madhavi Reddy Pingili, Ms.Spoorthy Rachamalla, Mrs. Ireni Indira, Mr. Sai Teja Kaveti , Mr. Vijay Shekhar Gudla , Mr. Thiruveedhula Ashok KumarMs. Nazneen ShaikhDr. Prabhakar JandhyalaDr. Sai TaraDr. Arun KumarMr. Bhoosarapu SrinivasDr. Praveen JuggeMr. Johan VersteeghAdv.Prasad.B.V.RDr.A.V.Krishna PrasadDr.Keshav Devulapally, and Dr. Baijesh, are few other members who are highly experienced in Psychology, Operations, Public Engagement, Training, Advocacy, and Monitoring & Evaluation. We also have with us, a few research scholars and people from fine arts background to develop visual and research content.

Our founder Sri. Anil Rachamalla is an “Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness Expert”. He is a Speaker, Column Writer and Radio Jockey and is specialist in the areas of digital detox, digital wellbeing, work life balance and building a healthy relationship with technology..