The rise in need for a digital wellbeing officer

With the evolution of internet it’s a global workplace now includes all five generations working alongside i.e. Maturists (Prior to 1945), Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964) , Generation X (1965 – 1980), Generation Y (Millennials) (1981 – 1994), Generation Z (1995 – 2012) and Generation A (2012 – 2025). Each of these have grown up […]

Managing social media reputation

A positive reputation builds loyalty and increases confidence in your personality or the brand, ultimately driving bottom-line growth which could either be sales or followers. Many of us treat their social media accounts is a purely social vent, casually updating statuses and posting photos online on social platforms with a little expectation of how friends […]

Looking through the digital lenses – fact or fiction?

Our civilisation is built upon our ability to distinguish facts from fiction. What would happen to our communities, our businesses, and our government if we couldn’t trust what we read, heard, or saw? Right now, we are in a time where sensationalism is rewarded because it attracts attention, it manipulates beliefs and drives people to […]

Guide to protecting Kids Online

As per NCRB, there is a 400 % increase in cyber-crime cases in the year 2020 committed against children in comparison to the last year, as per NCRB as registered under the IT Act across India, with the majority of them being related to the publishing or transmitting of materials depicting children in sexually explicit […]

Making social media secure for women

Social media is a very powerful means of freedom of speech and expression. It has become a voice for the voiceless and has always been an incredible tool for empowering women to speak, express, and promote their ideas that benefit the larger society. At the same time, it’s a place for sexist, racist, homophobic, and […]

Know about Right to be Forgotten

Right to be forgotten : What if you were caught and filmed by traffic police for drunken driving and posted on online platforms, What if your old photographs of yours along with your old spouse effecting your relationship with the new spouse, does this mean mistakes of your personal life remains in public knowledge for […]

All you need to know about Cyber Defamation

Cyber Defamation Publishing of defamatory material against another person with the help of computer’s or internet (social media or messaging channels or emails) is referred to as Cyber Defamation. If someone publishes some defamatory statement about a person or an entity on a website, social media or messaging channels or send emails containing defamatory material […]

Digital Wellbeing Approach to Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults.

Digital Wellbeing : With the advent electronic gadgets & social media apps there is an immediate need to empower all (Pre-Teens, Teens and Adult) with the knowledge & tools to be safe & secure in this digital environment, as new cases related to as social engineering crimes, cyber stalking, cyberbullying, sextortion, cyber sex, dissemination of […]

Encrypting your Online Life is Important.

Encryption : Encryption is a way that you can encode a piece of information so that only you and the intended recipient can access it. In the digital world, encryption is used for securing information flowing on internet traffic. Encryption protects against interception of data by “hackers/attackers”. The twisted data can only be decrypted with […]

Here Are Some Social Media Etiquette’s Every One Must Follow.

About Social Media : Social media is a very powerful means of freedom of speech and expression, especially for voiceless people. It’s a collaborative identity creation where posts by different individuals come together to create a dynamic and evolving identity and user profiles are informed by both the users and their connections. It is an […]