Keep Cyber Criminals at Bay.

Cyber Attacks: There are different types of cyber-attacks like Phishing, Man in the Middle, SQL Injection, Cross Scripting, Distributed Denial of Service, Password, Drive-By, Ransomware, and Eves Dropping Attacks. When it comes to protecting your business from the attacks/data breach, you should be on the lookout for a new kind of criminal called the Cyber […]

Lost Money Online? Here is what to do Next.

Earning Money : Earning money from the comfort of your couch is no longer a dream, thanks to the internet, but we all must be cautioned at the same time that all that glitters is not gold. We have seen people who lose money via social engineering crimes (a) KYC Frauds (b) Customer Care Frauds […]

Take a Digital Break … Rejenuvate.

Smartphone : A handful of people and technology companies through their choices are unethically steering what a billion people are thinking today. We are in a phase where data exploitation is at its peak where vast amounts of data are generated. It’s not just a post or tweet, it’s all about your data, lots of […]

Beware of Fake Giveaway Scams on Social Media Platforms.

Fake Giveaways : Often, we see posts of giveaways on other social media platforms, and most of them originate from YouTube & Instagram. To win free groceries, designer clothes, a ticket to a music concert, to test their products, or get more followers or another substantial prize that promotes their brand value, all you need […]

All you need to know about hacking.

Hacking : Hacking means compromising computers, smartphones, tablets, and applications using technological means. They also use social engineering skills to trick the user into clicking on malicious content, thereby providing personal data, and then they commit a cybercrime. The majority of the computer literate’s thinks they are not susceptible to social engineering or other cyberattacks […]

Here’s how you can tackle fake information during the Pandemic.

Pandemic : Social media is a great platform that gave voice to voiceless people but unfortunately, the problem of fake information amidst the Pandemic is very high in India because of the same social media. As per the survey done by Microsoft’s Third Digital Civility Index, Indians were most likely to encounter fake news and […]

Impersonation on Social Media.

Impersonation : Impersonation is where users create social media accounts mimicking a legitimate account. Impersonators are those who pretend to be someone’s popular personality (i.e. Politician, Film star, Activists, Academician, Entrepreneur, etc) or an official representative of a popular brand or a company. Such impersonators are found across all online social platforms, which are widely […]

Rethinking Screen time and Gaming during Covid-19.

With Covid 19 in Rise : With covid19 in India, causing extensive school shutdowns, children across the country are being given alternate resources of online study. Temporary solutions being devised for remote education range from online classroom tools like Google Classroom, Zoom, and Webinars by schools. While parents are still finding a tough time adjusting […]

Here Are Some Social Media Etiquette’s Every One Must Follow.

About Social Media : Social media is a very powerful means of freedom of speech and expression, especially for voiceless people. It’s a collaborative identity creation where posts by different individuals come together to create a dynamic and evolving identity and user profiles are informed by both the users and their connections. It is an […]