Ensuring good digital hygiene in children

Before the advent of iPhones and Androids, smartphones there was no debating point. Technology in schools has now become common. Teachers should be prepared to keep student data safe and teach them how to assess their relationship with digital technologies and safeguard themselves while utilising the benefits of online platforms. The larger benefits of technology […]

Women, stay safe online

The internet is an essential part of our daily lives. Its instant broadcasting capability has changed the lives of billions of people, particularly women. Women’s opportunities are expanded by the Internet, which allows them to increase their employment opportunities, earn additional income, and gain access to knowledge, boosting economic growth and creating a more inclusive, […]

Screen Sharing Frauds

Screen-sharing fraud is a type of social engineering (phishing) fraud where the hackers impersonate an employee of a bank or payment app and ask people to download a screen-sharing app to gain remote access. The fraudsters who are behind this fraud deceive people by making them believe that screen sharing provides them with easy access […]

Advance Fee Frauds

Social engineering crimes committed by fraudsters by impersonating buyers and sellers have increased manifold. Phishing, vishing, and smishing (messages sent via email, social media, and texting platforms) are techniques used to trick customers into disclosing their passwords, credit or debit card numbers, CVV OTP, MPIN, UPIN, and QR Code. The fraudsters use this gathered information […]

Biometrics New Weapon for Fraudsters

Technology has become an integral part of every aspect of our lives with the technology revolution we’ve witnessed many changes within the last twenty years. With the ever-increasing digitisation in our country, be it mobile & data penetration or digital banking platforms, it’s become very challenging to safeguard one’s identity. In the current scenario of […]

Do not scan QR code to ‘Receive’ Money

The country is rapidly moving towards a cashless economy as digital transactions have made life easier by eliminating the need of travelling to pay cash or log on to the internet NEFT or RTGS transactions are completed via a short-term payment called the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), offered by the National Payment Corporation of India […]

Importance of Strong and Secure Passwords

Managing all your passwords can sometimes feel overwhelming. Passwords are the key to almost everything you do online and you have multiple passwords to deal with that you use in your daily routine i.e. Email, social media, file-sharing, banking and e-commerce. Choosing hard-to-crack passwords and managing them securely can sometimes seem inconvenient and problematic. The […]

Instagrammer’s alert! Avoid data theft, scams

Instagram is the world’s most powerful platform used for photo and video sharing. There are over all one billion users on Instagram, out of which 30% are in the 18–24 age group and 32% are in the 25–32 age group. Today’s generation needs instant access to the retail world. Shoppers want visual content to help […]

Holistic approach to Cyberbullying

Traditional practices like physically hurting, spreading false rumours, excluding certain people from your groups, teasing people in a mean way, and punching are no longer seen amongst preteens and teens. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. It can be carried through electronic technology, which includes cell phones, computers, social media, text messages, […]

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

The first thing that most of us do when we have lost a mobile phone is go to the nearest police station and complain or reach a designated cybercrime police station. Very few know that we have a national cybercrime reporting po Artificial intelligence (AI) means a smart computer system like humans to solve complex […]