Staying safe on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, has become a voice for the voiceless, and has always been an incredible tool for empowering all of us to speak, express, and promote their ideas that benefit them. Facebook is the primary medium used to promote business and services. Consumers today expect trustworthy brand relationships through […]

Staying safe on LinkedIn

LinkedIn could also be an area to connect with people in your career field and grow your network, but before accepting every request that comes on your way, checking the profile or details is the right approach. LinkedIn is often impressive and indicates how popular the platform is among professionals. It enables you to connect/network […]

Don’t make a bad Trade

With the increasing use of internet-based information, more and more people are using the internet and social media to help them formulate their investment decisions, as everything is obtainable at your fingertips. Scammers quickly adapt to new ways to cheat people who are looking for investments in online trading. Many advertisements keep popping up when […]

Stay safe from WhatsApp scams

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging tool worldwide, with over two billion users, and it is almost like oxygen for all of us. It is the second-most downloaded app. WhatsApp may be a good way to remain in contact with friends and family around the world. While the main feature is texting, WhatsApp also allows […]

Screen Sharing Frauds

Screen-sharing fraud is a type of social engineering (phishing) fraud where the hackers impersonate an employee of a bank or payment app and ask people to download a screen-sharing app to gain remote access. The fraudsters who are behind this fraud deceive people by making them believe that screen sharing provides them with easy access […]

Up-guard against cyber traffickers

Connections across boundaries are becoming faster and stronger as technology continues to advance. While this is being wonderful for families, long-distance friends, and people with common interests, it also makes it easier for traffickers to search out, recruit, and exploit unsuspecting victims without getting caught. Cyber trafficking means online trade of humans for the purpose […]

Advance Fee Frauds

Social engineering crimes committed by fraudsters by impersonating buyers and sellers have increased manifold. Phishing, vishing, and smishing (messages sent via email, social media, and texting platforms) are techniques used to trick customers into disclosing their passwords, credit or debit card numbers, CVV OTP, MPIN, UPIN, and QR Code. The fraudsters use this gathered information […]

Don’t get influenced by social media influencers

Consumers today expect trustworthy brand relationships through influencers and celebrity endorsements, but trends show that brands are shifting away from expensive celebrity endorsements and moving towards influencer marketing to promote their products or services. Core reasons for Influencer endorsement rise is , (a) The consumers purchase products supported by influencers (b) Consumers trust online opinions […]

Do not scan QR code to ‘Receive’ Money

The country is rapidly moving towards a cashless economy as digital transactions have made life easier by eliminating the need of travelling to pay cash or log on to the internet NEFT or RTGS transactions are completed via a short-term payment called the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), offered by the National Payment Corporation of India […]

All about Gaming Addiction and Safety

Digital technology is currently advancing rapidly , this generation of teenagers mostly use gadgets to play online games and are addicted towards them. In order to keep them busy in other ways like offline engagement with sports and education, it is impossible to shield them from gadgets. A gradual increase in online game addiction can […]