Beware of Fake Giveaway Scams on Social Media Platforms.

Fake Giveaways : Often, we see posts of giveaways on other social media platforms, and most of them originate from YouTube & Instagram. To win free groceries, designer clothes, a ticket to a music concert, to test their products, or get more followers or another substantial prize that promotes their brand value, all you need […]

Easy way to dodge Social Media Scams.

Social Media : Social Media has its own set of unique risks, whether it’s phishing attacks, protecting corporate accounts from compromise, fighting fraud, or defending against social engineering scams like impersonating accounts Social media accounts are susceptible to exploitation, probable attacks that can happen are (a) #HashtagHijacking (b) Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) & Cross-Site Request Forgery […]

Beware of whom you Romance Online.

Social Media Social media creates an opportunity for young women and men living in socially conservative non-western societies to be able to communicate and meet and engage in forbidden intimacies and forbidden behaviors. We regularly see plenty of online stories on dating apps and social media expressions, where men and women who pose as wealthy […]

Impersonation on Social Media.

Impersonation : Impersonation is where users create social media accounts mimicking a legitimate account. Impersonators are those who pretend to be someone’s popular personality (i.e. Politician, Film star, Activists, Academician, Entrepreneur, etc) or an official representative of a popular brand or a company. Such impersonators are found across all online social platforms, which are widely […]