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Various Portals for Cyber Crime Reporting

Reporting cybercrime in India involves following certain procedures to ensure that the authorities are made aware of the incident and can take appropriate action. Here are the steps you can take to report cybercrime in India: Collect as much evidence as possible related to the cybercrime. This shall include screenshots, emails, chat logs, bank transaction […]

All About Paid Blue Ticks & Verification Badges

The blue tick verification badge has traditionally been associated with authenticity and official recognition on the platform. However, with the introduction of a paid subscription model, there is a possibility that scammers or impersonators could exploit this system to deceive others. The decision by Twitter to offer blue-tick verification for a subscription fee has raised […]

Digital Wellbeing Approach to Employees

Digital wellbeing for employees refers to the practise of promoting a healthy and balanced relationship between employees and their digital devices and technology tools. It focuses on creating a work environment that supports employees’ mental and physical health while using technology, rather than allowing digital tools to become a source of stress, distraction, or burnout. […]

Being a better Digital Journalist

Digital intelligence in the context of journalism refers to the ability of journalists and news organisations to effectively navigate and leverage digital technologies and platforms to gather, analyse, produce, and distribute news content. It involves utilising various digital tools, techniques, and strategies to enhance the overall journalistic process and adapt to the changing media landscape. […]

Here’s how you can browse safely.

A simple internet search for the best Hyderabadi Biryani restaurant in our neighbourhood might leave internet users open to a world of social engineering scams. We have become increasingly vulnerable post COVID as a result of increased internet use and interaction with (a) insecure networks (b) excessive personal and shared devices (c) insecure applications (d) […]

Interacting with Fans & Clients on Social Media

Having meaningful conversations with your connections on social media should be your utmost priority. The success of the business is largely dependent on how well the brand manages its interactions with customers on social media. Sales and, to a significant extent, brand loyalty and connection can also benefit from social media. Below we have listed […]

Is technology a boon or a bane for our children?

We are in the worst period of time where people have a lot of concern for the wellbeing of the current generations (i.e. Generation Z and Generation Alpha). These generations are overwhelmed with the height of technology in such a way that every one of us is able to communicate across cultures and borders in […]

Guide to protecting Kids Online

As per NCRB, there is a 400 % increase in cyber-crime cases in the year 2020 committed against children in comparison to the last year, as per NCRB as registered under the IT Act across India, with the majority of them being related to the publishing or transmitting of materials depicting children in sexually explicit […]

Be a trust worthy Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Social media is a very powerful means of freedom of speech and expression, as it has been a voice for many voiceless people. Majority of the regular social media users treat their social media accounts as purely a social vent, casually updating statuses and posting photos online with a little expectation of […]

All you need to know about Cyber Defamation

Cyber Defamation Online defamation, also known as cyber defamation, refers to the act of making a untruthful statement about an individual or organisation on the internet, with the intention of damaging their reputation or causing harm to their personal or professional life. This can include posting defamatory comments, reviews, images, or videos on social media, […]