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Digital Wellbeing - Colleges

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Purpose Digital Wellbeing Credit Course :
  • To spread awareness of the risks and of the strategies we can use to create a better relationship with digital technologies.
  • Assess relationship with digital technologies and to safeguard our wellbeing.
  • Acquaint with formal knowledge on digital wellbeing.
Course Objectives & Beneficiaries :
The training Programs are designed to help people realise the need of balance with technology that is appropriate for the varying requirements.
Course OutComes – Three Pillar Approach :
Course Details :
  • i. Single Credit – 08 Hours 
  • ii. Mode of Session :  Hybrid 
  • iii. Online Examination: 1 Hour
  • iv. Audience: University, Colleges & Individual above 18+ Years
  • v. Completion: One Academic Year
Co-Curricular Activities :
  • i. Assignments (In writing on the aspects of syllabus content and outside the syllabus content ). *
  • ii. Student Seminars – Quiz and Group Discussions – On topics of the syllabus and related aspects (Individual activity) *
  • iii. Establishing a Digital Wellbeing Council @ College Campus *
  • i. Regular Activities throughout the Year: Digital Detox Sessions, Expert Broadcasts, Awareness Videos & Educational Events. *
  • ii. Work together to share ideas and solutions – For Good Digital Hygiene and Good Cyber Morale.
  • iii. Register for one online course through any of the online learning platforms like SWAYAM, Udemy & Coursera. *