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Purpose Digital Wellbeing Course :
  • To spread awareness of the risks and of the strategies we can use to create a better relationship with digital technologies.
  • Assess relationship with digital technologies and to safeguard our wellbeing.
  • Acquaint with formal knowledge on digital wellbeing.
Course Objectives & Beneficiaries :
The training Programs are designed to help people realise the need of balance with technology that is appropriate for the varying requirements.
Course Out Comes – Four Pillar Approach :
School Wellbeing (3)
Course Details :
  • a) Course Duration – 06 Hours
  • i. Mode of Session : Online & Offline
  • ii. Online Examination Included: 1 Hour
  • iii. Kahoot Quiz Included: 1 Hour
  • iv. Online Mock Exam: Available
  • v. Audience: Pre Teens (11-16 Years)
  • vi. Completion: One Academic Year
Co-Curricular Activities :
  • Assignments (In writing , drawing and doing activities from within syllabus content and outside the syllabus content – Group Activity)
  • Children’s – Seminars, Quiz and Group Discussions, On topics of the syllabus and related aspects (Group activity)
Create Commons – For Sharing :
  • Create Accounts for all Social Networking Sites and Explore (Where there is no age restriction).
  • Create a Messenger Groups (WhatsApp).
  • Create Google Groups & Google Drive – For Sharing Digital Wellbeing Related Information.
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