why donate end now foundation?

We are India’s First Non-Profit Organisation Exclusively, Promoting Digital – Safety, Ethics & Wellbeing,

Most of the time, we just limit ourselves to online safety and security, but we don’t focus on how we can better manage privacy, addiction, digital parenting, online consent, bullying, trolling, managing social media, fact checking, online reputation, etc.

To sum-up, it’s a social project aimed at educating pre-teens, teens, and adults, to engage with the internet in a secure manner. ” Promoting healthy technology use habits in the workplace”.

who can support us?

Individuals – (a)  one-time donation (b)  monthly recurring donations.

Organisations – For any specific events (a) Exhibits – National & International (b) Becoming a Digital Wellbeing Partner Company (c) Sponsoring the Digital Wellbeing Portal (b)  Assisting your employees to donate via monthly deductions

How will your donation help us?

* Support for Distribution and Dissemination.

* Mentorship Programs.

* Partnerships with Private and Public Sector.

* Advocacy.

* Capacity Building.

* Knowledge Production.

* Collaborations.

* Stimulus Funds.

* Networking.

* Building Digital Wellbeing – Edu Tech Portals.

Bank Details - For Rupee Contribution


Branch: Ameerpet Branch , Telangana, India

Account No: 3611930070

Name: End Now Foundation

We accept online payments, cheques and demand drafts.
Tax Exemptions - 12A & 80G - AvailabLE

We are 80G, 12A and CSR Approved Trust by Govt of India

Trust Reg : 86/IV/2017

PAN Number: AAATE8302P

Niti Ayog Number : TS/2017/0175826

Note:  All domestic contributions made to ENF are eligible for tax deduction of 50% under 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


We look forward to your donations and remain at your disposal should you have any questions.