Short links come in handy to Cyber Crooks.

Short Links Long URL sometimes may look so ridiculously long, and we have URL shorteners come into existence! They take lengthy URLs and make them shorter and easier for the recipient. There are a lot of benefits of short URL’s and a few of them are (i) We will have the ability to track the […]

Online dating is an easy path to trouble!.

Online Dating : Social media creates an opportunity for young women and men living in socially conservative non-western societies to be able to communicate and meet and engage in forbidden intimacies and forbidden behaviours. You can be a highly intelligent person with a good job, but the strategies the dating fraudsters use are highly sophisticated, […]

Making Work from Home A Better Place for Delivery.

Wellbeing : Protecting Mental and Physical Wellbeing is balanced only when we set proper Digital Wellbeing boundaries so as to increase Productivity and Engagement. Pandemic has helped us save a couple of hours of travel to the office replacing it with work from home culture, But work from home comes with a few risks to […]

Digital Wellbeing Approach to Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults.

Digital Wellbeing : With the advent electronic gadgets & social media apps there is an immediate need to empower all (Pre-Teens, Teens and Adult) with the knowledge & tools to be safe & secure in this digital environment, as new cases related to as social engineering crimes, cyber stalking, cyberbullying, sextortion, cyber sex, dissemination of […]

Keep Cyber Criminals at Bay.

Cyber Attacks: There are different types of cyber-attacks like Phishing, Man in the Middle, SQL Injection, Cross Scripting, Distributed Denial of Service, Password, Drive-By, Ransomware, and Eves Dropping Attacks. When it comes to protecting your business from the attacks/data breach, you should be on the lookout for a new kind of criminal called the Cyber […]

Managing Social Media Risks.

Social Media Now : We live in an age where privacy seems to slip away as more and more technologies entering into our lives. Inappropriate use of our personal data is something that has become a matter of great importance these days that needs to be thoroughly discussed and be made aware of. The marketplace […]

All you need to know about Online Betting Fraud?

Online Gambling Online gambling is one of the major industries that gained popularity due to Internet availability. As per the latest statistics, India has 1.10 billion people (79% of the Population) having access to Mobile and 624 million (42% of the population) have access to the Internet, amongst this 92.8% of them play games online […]

Lost Money Online? Here is what to do Next.

Earning Money : Earning money from the comfort of your couch is no longer a dream, thanks to the internet, but we all must be cautioned at the same time that all that glitters is not gold. We have seen people who lose money via social engineering crimes (a) KYC Frauds (b) Customer Care Frauds […]

Take a Digital Break … Rejenuvate.

Smartphone : A handful of people and technology companies through their choices are unethically steering what a billion people are thinking today. We are in a phase where data exploitation is at its peak where vast amounts of data are generated. It’s not just a post or tweet, it’s all about your data, lots of […]

Beware of Fake Giveaway Scams on Social Media Platforms.

Fake Giveaways : Often, we see posts of giveaways on other social media platforms, and most of them originate from YouTube & Instagram. To win free groceries, designer clothes, a ticket to a music concert, to test their products, or get more followers or another substantial prize that promotes their brand value, all you need […]