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Why do people Vent on Social-Media?

Venting on social media refers expressions of our emotions, frustrations, thoughts, or grievances openly and publicly on social media platforms. Sharing personal experiences, problems, or feelings with a wide audience, often with the intention of seeking , support, validation, or letting off anger or frustration over an issue with individual or an organisation. Venting mostly […]

Frauds galore in the name of Income Tax

Digital technology is currently advancing rapidly, and fraudsters are also looking to exploit it as much as possible, and now they are targeting innocent taxpayers. Fraudsters are using Social engineering tactics, which is the practise or art of convincing people to compromise their personal information. They are targeting members who have a PAN card and […]

Don’t take the AI Deep Fake Bait

Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognising images, making decisions, and solving complex problems. Few possible malicious and criminal use of Al-powered deepfakes (a) Harassing or humiliating an individual and destroying their image and credibility (b) Luring employees into […]

Don’t get tricked by Fake DP

A display picture, also commonly referred to as a profile picture or avatar, is an image that represents a user’s identity on social media channels. It is the image that appears next to a user’s name whenever they post, comment, or engage with content on the platform. It serves as a visual identifier and helps […]

Beware of Movie Rating Frauds

Movie review or rating fraud is a deceptive practise where individuals or groups manipulate movie ratings or reviews for various purposes, such as financial gain, promoting or defaming a film, or influencing public perception. While it is not uncommon for people to have different opinions about movies, fraudulent activities can artificially inflate or deflate ratings, […]

Growing concerns around deepfakes

Deepfakes are a type of artificial intelligence-based technology that allows for the creation of highly realistic digital forgeries, in which an individual’s face and/or voice is replaced with someone else’s. This technology can be used to create convincing videos of real people doing or saying things they never did. Deepfakes are a growing concern because […]

Beware of Spoofing

Spoofing is the act of falsifying or disguising one’s identity or data to appear as something or someone else. It can refer to various types of deception in computer networking, including e-mail spoofing, IP spoofing, caller ID spoofing and website spoofing. Spoofing can be a serious threat to security and privacy, and it’s important to […]

Oversharing can lead to Cyber Stalking

Social media is treated as a very powerful means of freedom of speech and expression. It has become a voice for the voiceless. From the other side, it is also a place for sexist, racist, homophobic, and other violent behaviours that affect the victims adversely. Cyberstalking is the repeated tracking of an individual by using […]

Guide to Avoid online Sextortion Scams!

Victims are being contacted on social media and messenger platforms by women who have attractive profile pictures. They lure the unsuspecting men with seductive talk and gradually convince them to have an explicit conversation or a nude video call. When the victim accepts further conversations, they simply record the entire event. Most of the scans […]

Beware Instagrammer’s, Scammers are on Prowl

Instagram has become the world’s most popular destination for presenting and exchanging ideas. It’s a massive platform with over a billion active users, and scams are happening non-stop. The popularity of Instagram makes it an ideal place for cybercriminals to operate and constantly think of new ways to trick you and steal your money. With […]