Instagrammer’s alert! Avoid data theft, scams

Instagram is the world’s most powerful platform used for photo and video sharing. There are over all one billion users on Instagram, out of which 30% are in the 18–24 age group and 32% are in the 25–32 age group. Today’s generation needs instant access to the retail world. Shoppers want visual content to help […]

Online App Loan Frauds on the Rise Again

There is a steep rise in legal mobile lending in India. This has become a blessing in disguise for the scammers’ apps rising in India. The extent of the fake apps is so high that the Play Store had to remove over 200+ of them since the last quarter of 2021 due to a policy […]

Cyber warfare – A digital attack on states

Cyber warfare is usually defined as a series of cybercrime attacks that target a state. It has the potential to disrupt vital computer system networks targeting government or civilian infrastructure, disrupting critical systems and causing damage to the state. The cyberterrorists are politically motivated, with a focus on mass disruption. They target all critical infrastructure […]

Watch out for Sextortion Frauds

Social media creates an opportunity for young women and men living in socially conservative non-western societies to be able to communicate, meet, and engage in forbidden intimacies and forbidden behaviour. Men are being contacted on Instagram and WhatsApp by women having attractive profile pictures. They seduce you via chat and persuade you to do a […]

Know all about multi-level marketing scams

Multi-Level Marketing companies involve sell their products or services directly via person to person sales. If you join a multi-level marketing program, an investor is referred to as a “distributor,” “participant,” “contractor” or a “founder.” There are two different ways you can make money: (a) you are a direct retailer; (b) you could recruit new […]

Be watchful, investment frauds on the rise

Interpersonal trust is the fundamental feature of investment fraud. Creating false hopes of higher returns within a short duration combined with the constraints of accessing investment related information is motivation for people to fall prey to fake investment schemes. There are many types of investment fraud, like Ponzi schemes, pump and dump schemes, and app-based […]

All you need to know about Online Betting Fraud?

Online Gambling Online gambling is one of the major industries that gained popularity due to Internet availability. As per the latest statistics, India has 1.10 billion people (79% of the Population) having access to Mobile and 624 million (42% of the population) have access to the Internet, amongst this 92.8% of them play games online […]

All you need to know about hacking.

Hacking : Hacking means compromising computers, smartphones, tablets, and applications using technological means. They also use social engineering skills to trick the user into clicking on malicious content, thereby providing personal data, and then they commit a cybercrime. The majority of the computer literate’s thinks they are not susceptible to social engineering or other cyberattacks […]

How to recognize and avoid Phishing Attacks.

Phishing : Hacking Human Mind is much easier than hacking a computer or business. Attackers prey on human weaknesses like fear, greed, trust, desire, ego, sympathy, ignorance, carelessness, and haste. Fraudsters Scam People using (1) Phone Calls – Referred as Vishing (2) SMS – Referred as Smishing (3) Email – Referred as Phishing Phishing is […]

Beware of Cybercriminals Exploiting the Pandemic.

Cybercrime amidst Covid 19 : Cybercrime is a national threat even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The all-presence of technology and the growing rates of internet connectivity due to the rise of remote working, as well as the continued development of recent technologies that provide anonymity, have made cybercrime a low-risk, high-reward journey to both state […]