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OLX / Quikr Frauds, Demystified

OLX / Quikr Frauds, Demystified : Both OLX and Quikr platforms have emerged as the top go to platforms to sell off appliances and other items that you are using anymore. The lack of understanding of app-based payment services and UPI among the general public are helping fraudsters to make quick money. It might be […]

Myth of Online Privacy

Myth of Online Privacy : It is a fundamental right to life and personal liberty under Article 21 and as a part of the freedoms guaranteed by Part III of the Constitution and the right to privacy is subject to reasonable restrictions. Nowadays both companies and states, have violated the privacy of Individuals. Individuals are […]

Know about OSINT and how it is used

Know about OSINT and how it is used : Open Source Intelligence Tools “OSINT” is the process of collecting information from already published information or publicly available on the Internet. Most of the IT security professionals, malicious hackers, or state-owned intelligence agencies, use advanced techniques to search through the vast amounts of visible/available data to […]

Be Ready to Deal with Online Trolling

Be Ready to Deal with Online Trolling : Social media and online engagement have become critical success factors for all of us Online. Online trolling (abuse) has both short and long-term effects on freedom of expression. Online abuse may result in emotional and physical stress, erosion of individual and brand identity, credibility, financial and other […]

Are You Digital Ready?

Are You Digital Ready? : Good digital citizenship is one of the most important things we need to learn ourselves today. It is vital for all of us to know how to use online tools appropriately and effectively. Being Digital ready means, appropriate and responsible use of technology (i.e. our expressions, opinions, interactions, and fair […]

All about the New Digital Ethics Code

All about the New Digital Ethics Code : Digital Ethics is the study of how to manage oneself ethically, professionally in a sound manner via online and digital mediums. The whole concept of well-being has changed, as a result of our embedding digital technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, IoT-enabled devices, and autonomous decision-making systems) into central […]

Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

Protect Your Privacy on Social Media : We live in an age where privacy seems to slip away as more and more technologies enter our lives. It is a common misunderstanding that data privacy is something that concerns people who have something to hide. But the truth is that any data concerning you on the […]

Protect Your Children from the Web of Dangers

Protect Your Children from the Web of Dangers : The Internet provides us useful data, information, and knowledge for personal, social, and economic development and it is up to us to utilise our time on the world wide web in a productive manner. At the same time the internet is a dangerous and vulnerable neighbourhood, […]

Frauds galore in the name of Work From Home

Work From Home Frauds : The sunken job market due to COVID19 has resulted in aspirants innocently seeking alternative employment opportunities on fake job websites and work from home companies that rob them off their money. In India, nearly 30% percent of teens who are actively on the internet have been victims of ‘social engineering’ […]

Make Cyber Safety Your New Year Resolution

New Year’s Digital Resolutions To Keep Everyone Safer And More Secure Online : 2020 was the start of a new decade and this year that has led us to so much surprises and dragged us down all our expectations of what was not expected to come and then it actually happened. If 2020 taught us […]