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Detect Cyber Bullying


All About Cyberbullying:

  • Cyber Bullying is bullying that places using electronic technology. It can be carried through electronic technology includes Cell phones, Computers, Social Media, Text messages, Email, Chat rooms, discussion groups and Websites in internet.
  • Cyber bullying is widely used for teasing, made fun of, spreading rumours online, sending unwanted messages & defamation.
  • Bullying can happen anywhere and it depends on the environment & socially isolated youth.
  • Cyber bullying is more targeted on youth and people on internet.

Types of Cyberbullying:

  • Denigration : Dissing someone online. Sending or posting cruel gossip or rumours about a person to damage his or her reputation or friendships.
  • Impersonation : Pretending to be someone else and sending or posting material online that makes that person look bad, gets that person in trouble.
  • Outing and Trickery : Sharing someone’s secret or embarrassing information online.
  • Exclusion : Intentionally excluding someone from an on-line group, like a ‘buddy list’.
  • Flaming : Online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language.
  • Harassment : Repeatedly sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages.
  • Cyber Stalking : Repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm or are highly intimidating.

Effects of Cyberbullying on Youth:

  • Emotional distress, Frustration, Embarrassment, Sadness, Fear & Depression
  • Interference with school work or job performance
  • Quit job, Drop outs or Switch school
  • Delinquency and Violence
  • Substance & Smartphone Abuse
  • Possession of Weapons/Arms carrying to school grounds
  • Suicide & Running away from homes

Cyber Bullying can be done in the following ways:

  • Forwarding a private I.M. communication to others.
  • Impersonation to spread rumours, gossip mails, hurt other kids through provocative messages.
  • Posting embarrassing photos or videos such as a picture or video of someone in bathroom or dressing room may be taken and posted on line or sent to others and cell phones.
  • Humiliating text sent over through cell phones – text attack by sending thousands of text messages relating to hurt messages to the victim’s cell phones or mobile phones.
  • Stealing passwords i.e. a kid may steal another child password and begin to chat with other people or pretending to the other kid.

The Cyberbullying effects against the youth & children can broadly categorised under six common heads:

  • Negative habit formation: It is widely accepted that continuous use of internet, social media, sites and games. It will be addictive in the long run which effects ranging from attention deficiency to observation, depression and compulsion.
  • Addiction & Isolation: It is defined that addiction to technology as excessive use of mobile phones, internet and social networking that leads to harmful consequences to person’s physical and mental health and social life. After the Smart phones came into existence the addiction of new technology has become more intensive. Addiction can be defined as the increasing time spending on the internet by compromising time spent on the internet and compromising study time, play hours as well as approach to take food and medicines. The grave form of addiction is referred as:
    • Internet addiction disorder (IAD).
    • Internet use disorder (IUD) and problematic internet use (PIU).
  • Children are never off the cell phones by always messaging/texting, checking & re-checking.
  • Cyber Bullying and online harassment.
  • Cyber extremism and radicalism.
  • Online sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.
  • Online fraud and economic offence.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction:

The symptoms which can be noticed are:

  • Losing track of time whenever he/she is in front of the computer.
  • Get cracking when they are interfered in their online session (meals time, study time and likewise).
  • The children have difficulty in completing the task or work and keeps it piling up.
  • Isolation from other people and most of the time would like isolation from others and most of the time the child would like to be alone.
  • The child becomes defensive over excessive use of internet.
  • Obsessively checking the cell phone on internet to see if there are any messages and need to upgrade their Facebook status.

Online Gambling:

  • Excitement
  • Enjoyment
  • To win money
  • To relieve boredom
  • To relieve the feeling of depression
  • Most of the children who are from affluent families are using their pocket money & mobile phones to bet (gambling).

Role of Parents:

Let us save our children:

  • Large No. of parents are not aware of the possibilities of the drastic misuse of technology.
  • The lack of knowledge and awareness of the parents will not be any help for their children who are being effected by Cyber Bullying.
  • The parents should be aware of the possibilities of misuse of the dangers that are inbuilt in the present cyber world.
  • It is needless to say that the parents themselves should become aware of the dangers that are posed by the cyber world.
  • The children should be made to aware of the dangers that can happen & the methods to prevent it.
  • The parents need to brush-up their knowledge of technology if they are to keep their I.T. children safe online.
  • Primary role of the parents should be to prepare his/her children to remain safe & protected.