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Don’t Fall Prey to Lottery Frauds

Scratch Card 3

Lottery Frauds

You may get a call or email, or SMS or WhatsApp saying you won a lottery, or prize like a new car, or a scratch card which can get few lakhs of rupees. We can easily identify it’s a lottery scam because of what they do next, they ask you to pay money as advances or might ask you for a differential amount comparing the original cost of the product or request you to pay taxes to be able to get the prize. If you pay, you’ll lose your money and later you will find out there is no prize at all.

Notable Lottery Frauds are (i) Scratch Card Offer (ii) RBI Government Lottery (iii) Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery (iv) Snap Deal Lottery (v) Euro Lottery (vi) Free Holiday Vouchers (vii) SBI Lottery

Top two signs of a lottery frauds are :

(i) You are asked to pay advances to get your prize.
(ii) You are asked to provide your sensitive personal and financial information

Modus operandi of lottery fraud :

(i) Fraudsters send you a message (via email, or SMS or WhatsApp or social media) to get your personal information
(ii) Fraudsters say they’re from the government lottery agencies (RBI Lottery), they are impersonators.
(iii) Fraudsters pressure you to act immediately to receive the prize, they want you to hurry up and pay the advances or taxes or differential amounts to their personal bank accounts.
(iv) Fraudsters use names of organisations that we are familiar (Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery, Snap Deal Lottery Etc.)
(v) Fraudsters will do social engineering and make you believe you are the only person who won a prize, but bulk messages are sent to many. (i.e., You are not addressed by your name.)
(vi) Fraudsters may call you and say that you have won a foreign lottery (Euro Lottery) (vii)Scammers often pressure you to act quickly, claiming that you’ll lose the opportunity to claim your prize if you don’t respond immediately.
(viii) Fraudsters send you a copy of the cheques / demand drafts and ask you to send some of the money back as processing fee or convenience fee or taxes or differential amounts etc. (ix) You might be asked to keep your win confidential until the prize is claimed, preventing you from seeking advice or verification from others.

Do u have anyone to regulate :

  • Lottery in India us governed by Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998 as of 2019. India doesn’t have all India ban but many states including Telanagana have banned lotteries except for 13 states.
  • Legal online lottery in India isa new concept for example Lotto India is a illegal and not allowed.
  • Besides we have Public GamingAct of 1867, all forms of gambling are illegal in India. This means that placing bets on your favourite game or a player (both offline and online) is illegal and not allowed.
  • There are two types of betting games. (a) Game of chance – These are luck based games (b) Game of skill – These are games that require analytical decision-making , logical thinking, physical ability rather than a choice
  • Reserve Bank of India has warned people that deposits of money in any form towards participation in lottery schemes of money circulation schemes for securing prize money or awards is prohibited under the Foreign Exchange Management Act

Tips to safeguard from lottery frauds :

i. Never Click on Short Links sent through Email / SMS
ii. Click on Websites that start with HTTPS:// (Having a Pad Lock Symbol)
iii. Sender is not addressing you by your name
iv. We cannot win money in a lottery or competition unless we have purchased or participated personally.
v. Competitions and lotteries do not require you to pay an advance fee to collect winnings.
vi. Never transfer funds to unknown persons or organisations in anticipation of high returns.
a. Ignore all emails, texts, and social media solicitations on Lotteries.
b. Lottery winning letters have the deadline to claim the prize otherwise it will soon expire.
c. Ignore emails from Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail claiming you have won Lottery vii. If you receive a notification that you’ve won a lottery, verify its legitimacy by contacting the official lottery or sweepstakes organisers directly through their official contact details. Do not use the contact details or links provided in the message or email you received. viii. A genuine lottery or contest will have information available through official channels, such as their official website. If you cannot find any proof of the lottery’s existence outside of the communication sent to you, it’s likely a scam.

Are you victim of lottery fraud ?

If you are a victim of Lottery Fraud, call 1930 (Citizen Financial Fraud Management System) or alternatively log on to and provide information of your Bank statements / Copy of SMS, Email, Courier Received, Fraudsters contact details along with your personal identity details.