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Growing Menace of Fake Profiles


Fake it till you make it :

  • All that glitter is not always gold. Fake followers are fake social media accounts specifically created to inflate the number of followers of a social media account. Fake followers are dangerous for social platforms and beyond, since they may alter concepts like popularity and influence and not only creates a false perception and also manipulate prevailing true perceptions.
  • Our civilisation is built upon our ability to distinguish Facts from Fiction. What would happen to our communities, our business, our government if we can’t trust what we read, hear or see? Right now, we are in the time where sensationalism is rewarded because it attracts attention, it manipulates beliefs and drives people to act. News consumption patterns have changed and hate-mongering is spreading online which is adding fuel to the fire especially with the online flaming happening because of two rival political groups.
  • There are many people on social media pretending to be too good to be true and with the existence of face tuning apps, it’s so difficult to conclude who’s real and who is fake. Sometimes we would even feel we are following the important people on social media whether or not they aren’t.
  • Most follow simply because the profiles have a large fan following and have pretty extra filtered photos and feed. Many are drawn to profiles where girls and boys showing off their curves or celebrities showing photos of themselves without makeup or politicians and other officers showing off the inaugural activities.
  • A reputed western model Ms. Dayna Blair says, We’re taught to smile before of the camera, during a way we were programmed to only share the happy and good moments on our social media. Maybe it’s not all fake, but rather just a little peep into someone’s world.
  • Providing fake – followers, likes, dislikes, comments, retweets, shares and forwards on social media boost to social media profiles is a big business in India and worldwide. For a sample 20K followers on Twitter would cost just nine thousand rupees and 20K followers in Instagram would cost nineteen thousand rupees only. Social media platforms should build more tools to identify differences between good followers vs fake followers to benefit to the actual user to have wise choices.

After Effects of Fake Followers :

  • Social media is creating confusion between “Truth and Fact”
  • Social media is creating confusion between “Myth and Reality”.
  • Endorsing brands or sponsored posts based on their fake fan following.
  • A Threat to democracy as perceptions can be manipulated with fake fan following.

Why people live a false life on social media sites :

  • Lifestyle : Something not happening, so they decide to fool everyone on social media by faking a false life, and the pressure to fit in the society is so high that they fake it if they cannot make it.
  • Hiding Something : If something seems to be shady chances are it is shady then make use of this platform to mask their current situation.
  • Competition with Peers : If they do not like someone they would try to post to have a better life than them or an intention to put someone down or to rub it on their faces if it triggers them.
  • Trying to be Popular : To meet a certain benchmark that they think they should achieve and have the approval of their friends and social circle.

Indian Bollywood Fake Followers Incident :

  • In a bid to interrupt a YouTube viewership record, Bollywood rapper, Mr. Badshah’s alleged payment for fake views on a music video, is that the latest instance coming under the police scanner for what media experts say is common practice for celebrities searching for validation and to sign better brand endorsement deals.
  • According to news reports, over 100+ high-profile people in India including stars in film, music, politicians, and sports have paid to urge fake social media followers and plenty of them are soon to be questioned by Mumbai Police. Providing Fake followers on social media boost to high-profile personalities is business in India and worldwide.

Conclusion :

  • The fact is, though…People have been faking wealth and privilege since civilisation began. It’s just mostly digital now.
  • We are in a mystified phase, having an online presence for a great performer is not just enough, they all need to be a great social media marketer as well in spite of the talent they possess. All you need to do is Reduce the Level of Priorities in Ethics and Start Living or Die Within It.