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Guide to Reputation Management Online


What is Online Reputation Management? :

  • The Internet is the new first impression and people are measured online by likes, comments and reviews. Anyone can say anything, and it shows up online and People don’t ask for references anymore, they search on Google. What happens if there is a Negative, misleading, inaccurate, and damaging content, rumours, lies hurtful material/images, harmful reviews, or anonymous posts from troublesome sites showing up in social media search results belonging to us?.
  • Many of us treat their social media accounts is a purely social vent, casually updating statuses and posting photos online on social platforms with a little expectation of how friends and followers on how they feel about your social vent’s. Your online actions could seriously limit educational, personal, or professional prospects.
  • Checking up a prospective employee’s social media profiles has become a regular routine for many employers. Talent Acquisition and HR Teams feel social media helps them gain more insights into a candidature rather than the resume received. There’s nothing wrong with using social platforms for fun, enjoyment, or social connection. A little awareness will go a long way in managing your online reputation.

What Matters? :

  • Anything about us online
  • What people say about you
  • What other sites say about you
  • How we respond

What Makes up? :

  • Our web sites and blogs
  • Comments about us from sites or blogs
  • Comments we write
  • Our Social media chats

Our findings? :

  • 80% say online reviews influence purchasing
  • 75% of recruiters use search engines to research applicants and 35% have eliminated candidates based on their expressions online
  • 70% of companies will face a crisis that negatively impacts their share price

Few Things Advised not to do? :

  • Never write your own reviews, even under a different name
  • Never engage in a flame war or respond using harsh or unprofessional language
  • Never defame or write critical posts about who write critically about you
  • Never Barter or ask your friends to help with social media responses unless they are professionals or are experienced
  • Never use shortcuts such as “link farms”

Online Reputation on Social Media :

  • Twitter – Get key Followers and tweet good content several times daily
  • LinkedIn – Join several good Groups and Add comments and connections daily
  • Facebook – Add relevant images, videos and Post several comments daily
  • Google – Use Google Circles and post content frequently

How long will it take to manage a bad online reputation? :

  • It depends on how bad the negative item is
  • How popular it is or how many hits it gets
  • Your existing online presence and the effort you put into fixing your online
  • Average project takes six months

Can Online reputation be managed? :

  • Negative articles – Online News articles are often the first choice of for people and often we still tend to believe what they read in the news feed is correct.
  • Negative online images – Celebrities and ordinary citizens, all have been the subject of leaked photos or other negative online images.
  • Wikipedia – It is the cultural default and it is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and its a must place to be on.
  • Blog posts – Anyone can write anything they want about anyone they want and this could result in a riot of misinformation and confusion.
  • Review sites – Review sites like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and others exist to help the consumer make guided choices based on what other customers have experienced.
  • Social media – Social media is the method of choice for people recommending brands, spreading gossip, airing complaints, and criticising public figures.

Conclusion :

  • Remain Calm
  • Don’t take everything personally
  • Learn and move on
  • Continue to add good content