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Keepingt Kids Safe Online


Keepingt Kids Safe Online :

  • Keeping Children Safe Online at Extra Ordinary Times
  • It’s almost eight months that India went into lockdown, and we are now beginning to accept the new normal. The new normal, where we find ourselves excessively confined to our indoors and limited through only digital connections to the outside world.
  • Like everything else, children have been forced to resort to online education and entertainment alike. With this increased time spent on gadgets ,parents are now challenged to deal with kids screen times, fatigue and increasing anxiety of sedentary lifestyle. Data reveals, post the lockdown kids are engaging with digital media more than ever before . This has surged their chances of exposure to inappropriate content and are being specifically targeted by cybercriminals as they get easily lured in the garb of online games and interactive media.

Few online risks for children :

  • Adults targeting children for sexual purposes on social media, gaming, and messaging platforms.
  • Harmful content, violence, misogyny, xenophobia, inciting suicide and self-harm, misinformation, etc.
  • Teens sharing personal information and sexual (explicit) photos or videos of themselves.
  • Cyberbullying from friends and strangers.

Few fixes to protect your children online :

  • Setting up parental controls
  • Setting up strict privacy settings on online applications and games
  • Turning on SafeSearch on all your browsers
  • Cover webcams when not in use

Evaluating how we de-risk our digital lifestyles has to become a mainstream thought to curb the start of a burgeoning problem. A few immediate steps taken today will prove to be of significant impact like :

  • Screen time : Ensuring a healthy balance between non-school related online activities and offline time is especially important.
  • Parental Control : Enable Parental controls (software tools) that allow you to monitor and limit what your child sees and does online. Also curbing sexting and adult chats.
  • Online pornography : There are increased chances that your child may discover online pornography unintentionally or may go looking for it out of curiosity.
  • Online Gaming : Games can also improve coordination, problem-solving and multi-tasking skills, as well as help children build social skills through online interactivity with other players, but sure what games and friends they are with?

Top 10 Tips for Parents :

  • Don’t block all access to technology, Help your children to learn to use safely and positively
  • Take an interest in your children’s favourite game and application where he is more often involved.
  • Be the parent, You are incharge and set boundaries while considering monitoring and content filtering software’s
  • Create Smartphone and Internet usage agreements and create tech free zones (i.e. Bedrooms are tech free zones)
  • Teach your child about personal safety (YAPPY – Your Address, Your Phone Number, Your Password and Your Plans)
  • Help your children to filter information and let them distinguish difference between Popularity vs Truth / Myth vs reality.
  • Avoid using devices as rewards or punishments
  • Balance screen time and green time and explain importance of developmental needs
  • Don’t support your child to sign applications and games with age restrictions
  • Explore internet and reliable sources to know more how to do digital parenting

Our findings and recommendation :

  • As a result of our internal research for a comprehensive solution that could provide all of the above to the common Indian Internet users we discovered a solution called Justifi. It’s a cloud based solution that works on a wide range of home routers and provides 360ˇ management of your home internet. As a user you can see who is connected, select and limit users and usage, protect your home network from cyber attacks and with one click it gives protection from over 5 million inappropriate sites that include porn, dating and games of violence. You can also set a screen time or bedtime off routine with simple clicks where you control specific access rules on specific devices.Besides this it also gives you full control on your home WiFi.And all this is easily done via a cloud portal. In short, Internet powers while Justifi Empowers. more details can be found at
  • We must ensure that we leverage digital India to gain from the upside of Internet and not the other way.