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Social Media – Monitoring & Listening


What is Social Media :-

  • Internet and mobile applications that enable users to create and share content. These apps are designed to allow people to create and share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. Social media is always a network based and it is self-participative and the power lies with the audience.

How is Social Media Different from Other Media:-

Let’s try to identify few key characteristics of social media that distinguish it from more traditional forms of communications.

  1. Its collaborative identity construction where posts by different individuals come together to create a dynamic and evolving identity and user profiles are informed by both the users and their connections.
  2. Social connections are like friendships, followers etc.
  3. Personal social network makes social ties visible and consequently, searchable and quantifiable.
  4. An evolving user interface and privacy settings alter both users and visibility through the site, as well as the ability of the user to reasonably control it.
  5. Users voluntarily disclose personal details, beliefs and preferences in order to socialise.
  6. Social media content is easily contextualised in many aspects.

Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Listening:-

  • Social media monitoring is all about gathering information, collecting all the data and details you can. You capture what people are posting about you. You measure what you have already achieved, and create a record of what is happening in your organisation social pages.
  • The social media listening part is more active and tactical, it involves analysing the data for actionable insights everything from engaging a happy customer to shifting your overall brand / individual positioning strategy. Social listening uses the data you gather to make your social marketing better.

How Social Media Monitoring & Listening Effects an Individual:-

  1. React in real time on social platforms
  2. Determine how certain demographics feel about yourself
  3. Use positive feedback in networking and promoting.
  4. Use negative feedback to correct errors
  5. Build individual credibility and authenticity on social platforms

Social Media Monitoring by Government Agencies:-

  1. NETRA (Network Traffic Analysis):
  2. NMAC (National Media Analytics Centre):
  3. Social Media Labs (Nasscom and Mumbai Police Initiative):

Social Media Monitoring Tools (Individuals and Parental Control):-

  1. Anti-Social ( is designed to not only help you understand what ‘normal usage’ looks like, but to give you the tools to manage, block and control your cell phone usage so that you can unplug, minimise distractions and focus on the things that matter.
  2. Off Time ( you to focus and unplug to be creative – thanks to smart app blocking, communications filter and insights into your smartphone usage.
  3. On Ward is with a mission to help restore Tech-Life Balance by developing scalable, affordable solutions that give each of us the ability to change our compulsive behaviours free of judgement and stigma
  4. Quality Time ( is a leading developer of family computing platforms, Cloud-based parental control and time management solutions for phones and tablets in this era of mobile hyper connectivity.
  5. Wired Safety ( runs several large events a year with up to 1000 attendees, often including teens, preteens and kids.
  6. Teen Angels ( are a group of thirteen to eighteen-year-old volunteers that have been specially trained in all aspects of online safety, privacy and security.
  7. Spector Soft ( develops intelligent, powerful solutions that provide companies with visibility into, and understanding of, the human behaviours and activities occurring within their network, making them more secure and productive.
  8. eBlaster (( software offers many tools to monitor internet and computer use in your home. It logs and sends reports and alerts directly to your email.
  9. Net Nanny ( is a brand of content-control software marketed primarily towards parents as a way to control a child’s computer activity.
  10. Activity Logger, Records and tracks day-to-day activities with the easy-to-use Activity Log.
  11. ReThink ( provides an important opportunity for adolescents to change their minds and not post hurtful messages online.
  12. Spy Agent Software ( that allows you to monitor everything users do on your computer – in total stealth mode.

Free tools for individuals to monitor and control social media usage:-

  • Use “Screen Time” App in the Apple devices and “Digital Wellbeing” App in the Android devices.