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Dr.Anil Rachamalla

About Founder

As Founder & CEO of End Now Foundation, Dr. Anil Rachamalla takes a strategic, mission-focused approach that emphasises on creating of awareness & empowerment of various groups, use of data, and innovation to build capacity focused on transforming digital space and how it used by children, youth, adults, and families. 

Dr. Anil Rachamalla became determined to turn his experience into positive change and made the decision to spend the rest of his life helping people make better choices in digital space. He began traveling to academic institutions, corporate houses, Govt. agencies with awareness posters, hoping that his story could transform digital lifestyle. He is a distinguished Speaker, Column Writer, Radio Jockey, Internet Ethics & Digital Wellbeing Expert, and a Public Policy Enthusiast. 

He has Authored 09 Books and  has personally delivered over 1000+ Talks, 65+ FM. Radio Talk Shows, published  450+ Weekly Columns in News Papers and Submitted 10 Research Papers. 

Dr. Anil Rachamalla has over 28 years of experience as a Digital Wellbeing Expert by Passion, and an Enterprise Consulting Expert (Vice President – Enterprise Application @ Fourth Square Inc) by Profession. He has travelled to over 20+ Countries on various job assignments. He has a Bachelors in Engineering with Master’s Degree in Project Management and International Certifications in Supply Chain, Oracle, Six Sigma, Project Management and Service Delivery  Besides, he is also co-founder for Disable Foundation, a non-profit organisation promoting the wellness of “Divyang and Nissahayan”.

AWARDS and Recognition
  • Recipient of “UNDP Award – Karmaweer Chakra – Jyothi Puraskar” 2023 .
  • Recipient of “UNDP Award – Banga Bhandu International Cyber Security Awareness Award” by Govt of Bangladesh & UNDP – 2023
  • Recipient of “Digital Media for Social Cause” 2022.
  • Recipient of “DSCI Excellence 2020 – Special Jury Award – Raising Security Awareness” 2020 .
  • Recipient of “UNDP Award – Karmaweer Chakra – Gold Medal” 2019 .
  • Recipient of “Unsung Heroes” of the Year 2019
  • Recipient of “Vasista Seva Puraskar” 2019 .
  • Recipient of “Social Media Influencer” 2019 .
  • Recipient of “Hyderabad Heroes” 2018 .
  • Recipient of ”Social Media Influencer” 2018 
Subject Matter Expert

His expertise covers a wide range of subjects related to digital wellbeing, including managing screens for a healthy tech-life balance, cyberbullying, fake news, misinformation, propaganda, digital hygiene, online reputation management, privacy, surveillance, IT Act, personal data protection, and other digital wellbeing areas.


WhatsApp Only +91 98663 92862  or


You can reach him on +91 98663 92862 or