Take a Digital Break … Rejenuvate.

Smartphone : A handful of people and technology companies through their choices are unethically steering what a billion people are thinking today. We are in a phase where data exploitation is at its peak where vast amounts of data are generated. It’s not just a post or tweet, it’s all about your data, lots of […]

How to recognize and avoid Phishing Attacks.

Phishing : Hacking Human Mind is much easier than hacking a computer or business. Attackers prey on human weaknesses like fear, greed, trust, desire, ego, sympathy, ignorance, carelessness, and haste. Fraudsters Scam People using (1) Phone Calls – Referred as Vishing (2) SMS – Referred as Smishing (3) Email – Referred as Phishing Phishing is […]

Is Some One Snooping on your Phone?

Smartphone : Smartphones are not just phones anymore, they are interconnected with our social lives, and keep all personal information, which could include intimate, sensitive, or confidential information. If all personal information is interesting to anyone, there is a risk that they might try to acquire them. It’s clear and common that fraudsters try to […]

Encrypting your Online Life is Important.

Encryption : Encryption is a way that you can encode a piece of information so that only you and the intended recipient can access it. In the digital world, encryption is used for securing information flowing on internet traffic. Encryption protects against interception of data by “hackers/attackers”. The twisted data can only be decrypted with […]