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Detect Lottery Fraud


The Scams to Avoid – Lottery Frauds :-

  • The most common scams to watch out for
  • The different ways scammer can contact you
  • The tools scammer use to trick you
  • The warning signs
  • How to safeguard yourself

Don’t Become a Victim of Lottery Fraud :-

  • These scams try to trick you into giving money upfront or your personal details in order to receive a prize from a lottery, sweepstake or competition that you never entered. Scammer claim that you need to pay advances fees or GST or income taxes before your ‘winnings’ or prize can be released.
  • They will also tell you they need your personal details to prove you are the correct winner but then use this information to steal your identity or money from your bank account.
  • You may also have to call or send a text to a phone number or fill-up an online form to claim your prize. Scammer email / telephonic conversations will provoke an emotional reaction which in turn will make you send your bank details, address, credit card or personal information. Sometimes these emails may also contain viruses or unwanted software which could harm your computer.
  • Scratch scams involve getting mail containing glossy brochures and a number of scratch cards, one of which will be a winner. To make it more believable, it will often be second or third prize. When you call to claim your prize, the scammer will ask for fees or GST or income taxes to be paid before you can get your winnings.
  • Lottery scams may use the names of real overseas lotteries to claim that you’ve won cash, even though you never entered into them.
  • Fake vouchers and gift cards involve scammer sending you an email or text message or a social media message claiming you have won a gift card for a well-known retailer but you need to provide some details before you can claim it. This is an attempt to get personal information which can be used for identity theft or to target you with another scam. Offers like these have also been known to deliver ransomware on your device.
  • Travel prize scams involve scammer claiming you’ve won a free holiday or airfares. These travel vouchers often have hidden fees and conditions, or may be fake and worthless.
  • Similarly, scammer may offer you amazing discounted holiday packages that just don’t exist.

Top Lottery Scams:-

  • (a) Google Pay – Scratch Card Offer
  • (b) Shell Petroleum Development Company
  • (c) RBI Public Lottery

How to Safeguard Yourself :-

  • Never Click on Short Links sent through Email / SMS.
  • Click on Websites that start with https://
  • There is an Attachment that you weren’t Expecting.
  • Sender doesn’t address you by name.
  • No Need to pay advances for winning a lottery a prize.
  • We cannot win money in a lottery or competition unless we have purchased or participated personally.
  • Competitions and lotteries do not require you to pay advance fee to collect winnings.
  • Follow the thumb rule : Never transfer funds to unknown persons or entities in anticipation of high returns. This is never going to happen.