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Detect Romance Fraud

Online dating couple in love in the app on the phone. It is a match. Online dating. Vector flat line illustration

The Scams to Avoid – Cyber-Romance :-

  • The most common scams to watch out for
  • The different ways scammer can contact you
  • The tools scammer use to trick you
  • The warning signs
  • How to safeguard yourself
  • Everyone is vulnerable to scams so everyone needs information about how to identify and avoid getting scammed. Some people think that only the naive and greedy fall victim to scams. The truth is scammer are clever and if you don’t know what to look out for, anyone can fall victim to a scam.
  • Have you received an offer that seems too good to be true, perhaps a phone call to help fix your computer or a threat to pay money you do not owe, an alert from your bank or telecommunications provider about a problem with your account or even an invitation to ‘befriend’ or connect online? Scammer know how to press your buttons to get what they want.
  • They are getting smarter, moving with the times to take advantage of new technology, new products or services and major events to create believable stories that will convince you to part with your money or personal details.

Don’t Become a Victim of Cyber-Romance :-

  • Dating and romance scammer create fake profiles on authentic dating websites, mobile apps or social media platforms like Facebook using photos and identities often stolen from other people. They use these profiles to try to enter into a relationship with you that can run for months or even years, just so they can get a hold of your money. The scammer will ask for money to help with parents illness, injury, medical travel costs or a family crisis. They are heartless and will lie to you to take advantage of your better nature.
  • Scammer will usually be overseas and have an excuse for why they are there, such as being on military service, working as an engineer or caring for a friend or relative. They are never who they say they are and some cunning scammer may even send small gifts. This is only part of their grand plan to get even more money out of you later.

Top Dating Scams:-

  • (a) Proposal turns extortion
  • (b) Pretty Woman is a Man
  • (c) I have your Sex Recording
  • (D) Making Gay Man Pay

How to Safeguard Yourself :-

  • Do not indulge in online chatting, dating or get emotionally involved with people without verifying the truthfulness of their claims.
  • Never send money or your personal details to online strangers or online social media friends.
  • Online follower asks to communicate outside the dating website or social media platform after only a few ‘contacts’ or conversations.
  • Do an TinEye or Google Reverse Image Check image search of your fan to help determine if they really are who they say they are.
  • No sharing of intimate pictures or videos online. Scammer are known to blackmail their targets using past shared pictures or videos of you that you don’t want others to see.