Detect Matrimony Fraud


Don’t Become a Victim of Online Matrimony Frauds :-

  • The most common Scams to watch out for
  • After posting an exciting online matrimony profile on any reputed matrimonial site, posing as prospective bridegroom, fraudsters befriend women. They tactically use voice-changing apps to pose as the parents and guardians of the bridegroom when talking to the women they are trying to scam. Once they gain assurance, the fraudsters ask women to transfer money into their bank accounts expressing an emergency. They disappear without a trace as soon the money is transferred and this process continues for the next victim. There equal number of cases where bride is duped as well.

Modus Operandi of the Fraudsters :-

  • They establish trust and get close to the women through mails, online chats or at times by even through phone calls. They then propose marriage and plot a story such as gifts and foreign exchange that they were bringing into the country were stopped at the airport by Customs and needs to be cleared and it is an urgent need of money. Some time they even say someone close in the family has fallen sick and in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and they need some urgent money, which will be returned soon. Listening to such stories, the women fall for the bait and transfers the money to the fraudsters bank account through online and there ends the story.

How to Recognise a Online Matrimony Fraud :-

  • Spread the word and push people to Pledge on our website.
  • They are not willing to show their face, reluctant to come on video chat as well.
  • Reluctant to meet in person for a possible one on one interaction.
  • Most of the Fraudsters create fake profiles and scam money are from opposite genders so be careful.
  • Express “love” quickly even before fully understanding each other.
  • Sound inconsistent or confusing when we ask for his or her personal details.
  • Anyone is in a mad rush for early marriage without a suitable reason.
  • Starts enquiring about your properties and income and starts demanding money.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Online Matrimony Frauds :-

  • Thorough Profile Check :The profile you liked on online matrimony sites could turn out to be your better half. Hence, it is imperative that you do a thorough profile check. Have a look at where they stay, their education, parents and work place and see if the story told online matches the background check. Visit their place of work. Do a thorough personal reference check. You should also look at their social media profiles.
  • Always Look for ‘Verified’ Profile Matches :Many matrimonial websites have verified profiles that have been thoroughly background checked by and verification experts. Ideally you can progress conversation forward with a person having a verified symbol. Marriage is a lifetime decision. If you feel the other person is forcing you to take things forward quickly, be firm to take a back step.
  • Never give Money to Anyone :Do not transfer funds to prospective bridegroom or bride under any circumstance. The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or the other, you should become cautious and it’s recommended that you avoid any further calls from them.
  • Never Reveal your Account Information :Keep your username and password safe. No one from ever ask you for the same. For your safety, change the password regularly. To access a matrimony website, always type in the correct URL your browser window. Do not click on unsafe “short” links sent via SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Stay safe while Meeting in Person :While meeting prospects, it is recommended that you meet in safe public places. Always keep all your family informed your meetings with prospects.
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