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Digital Wellbeing Course

Join our course and learn how you maximise technology benefits while minimising the risks.

SmartPhone Addiction Quiz

It's time to do our Addiction Quiz, if your smartphone use is effecting your daily life, relationship & work


Our efforts to Promote Internet Ethics and Digital Wellbeing through our various initiatives.

Digital Wellbeing for Corporates

With the move from a physical workspace to remote and hybrid work, it’s time for Corporate Heads to be not only concerned about mental and physical well-being, but also digital wellbeing especially among employees who spend their extended work days on computers alone.

Our digital wellbeing for corporates is designed to improve employee engagement, productivity and safety.

Safety Tips & Tools

Helping Individuals to realize the need of balance with technology that is appropriate for the varying requirements.

Our Publications

Empowering yourself more on Internet Ethics and Digital Wellbeing to better embrace technology in your lives

Report a cybercrime

Report a Cyber Crime

You can report all types cybercrime's to national cybercrime portal. For immediate reporting, Call 155260

"Maximising Technology Benefits and Mitigating Risks and Issues”

I’m worried about how technology is : ​


We would look forward to young minds who are interested in working, collaborating, learning, volunteering, consulting, researching and exploring in the interest of digital safety.


You may read or download our digital wellbeing toolkits (Available in English, Telugu & Hindi), digital safety content, handbooks, Acts right here


You may download and share our innovative awareness posters on digital literacy, digital fluency, digital safety, digital ethics and digital wellbeing.


Pledge yourself to follow best practices of Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness to realign our relationship with technology as a tool for connection

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